Van Kaart. Caroline

Queen of Spades

Caroline Kaart (1931)

There was a time when a group known Dutch Import was with a very generous accent spoke. They spoke Dutch in a way that you now this piece in English reads: not poor,though they themselves describe as charming. Dance King Barrie Stevens was so one, and Ronnie Tober, though he was strictly speaking, a Dutchman.

The accent of Caroline Card recognizes you as Scottish. The busty singer, came to the Netherlands in the fifties. For the love: she married singer Hans Kaart, to whose uncle a known price is named. When he died she remarried with Willy van Hemert, the man who spoiled you with series such as The Little Truth and The Appelgaard.

Even when she divorced him she stayed in our country around. Map is inherentlyclassical singer, but was later also known as radio presenter and later as pannellid-with-accent include the inevitable Waku Waku. If you have aspirations as a baritone or soprano and near Blaricum then lucky you live: Caroline Card give another moppie singing lesson.